2 thoughts on “Trailers

  1. hey! i’m a new fan of rotten liltte girls, and i LOVE that you are adding this reading section!Some of my suggested reads are:The Moviegoer by Walker Percy this book seriously challenged me to ask what is my purpose in this world? it is a narrative novel set in new orleans, but a truly beautiful storyShopGirl by Steve Martin at first I thought this was a liltte weird, because Steve Martin is that goof who is so into himself, but honestly this book is beautiful. It has recently been made into a movie with jason schwartzman, claire danes and steve martin. a truly lovely realistic story.The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins although I found this to be an intellectual and reassuring read, if you are a religious person my advice would be to avoid this book. it is about denouncing the existence of a god.Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs this is a hilarious collection of personal memoir essays. It’ll keep you laughing!!<33 mermaid

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