Prometheus : A finely crafted Failure

One thing is glaringly apparent after watching Prometheus, Ridley Scott still has it in him to churn out a fine thriller. He uses all his skills and experience to try and recreate the magic of his first Alien movie. But what he falters at, and this comes as a huge surprise, is the way he … Continue reading

Men In Black 3 : Old wine served in 3D

The first MIB, was a swash buckling action packed, witty entertainer with an effortlessly Will Smith and  a stubborn TOmmey lee Jones in the lead. Back then the movie was a rage as the audience was new to the concept, the CGI was extraordinary, the story, the aliens, the characters were all new and refreshing. … Continue reading

The Raid Redemption : A Raid on your Senses!

Honestly I was pretty sure that this movie won’t be released in India. Just looking the trailer would make any average human being squirm. I was sure the censor board and the distributors would definitely make a huge fuss about releasing it. So I was pleasantly surprised when the local newspaper ran an advertisement about … Continue reading

Hugo : An ode to Cinema

In my opinion there are only two people in the current lot of movie makers who have a profound knowledge of anything and everything about movies. Movies that could inspire, stimulate, enlighten the minds of the audience. One of them is Woody Allen, the other, Martin Scorsese. Both veterans in their own set of genres. Both … Continue reading

Vicky Donor : “Entertaining Sperm”

After having your brains screwed up by mugging all the various articles of Law, it’s always a welcome relief to watch a light hearted comedy or any movie for that matter. Vicky donor was one such stress buster I badly needed. An uncomplicated and vibrant movie, it washed away all frustrations in a jiffy! Vicky … Continue reading

Spring has sprung, and baseball season is right around the corner. That means that networks everywhere will begin airing one classic baseball movie after another. Ray Kinsella will be having a catch with his dad, Annie Savoy will be worshipping at her special altar, Ricky Vaughn’s fastballs will be juuuuust a bit outside, Gary Cooper…