Argo : A Masterpiece!

Take a Bow and applaud the new Clint Eastwood in Town! Ben Affleck‘s Argo is a shining example of how drama can be as effective and hard hitting as any other actioner. Argo is a wonderfully well served by movie by Ben Affleck, who steps up into the major league after proving he has the directing chops with his two crime dramas, Gone Baby Gone and The Town.

Hollywood has been particularly fond of CIA and any movie buff would recount 20 odd movies. Even Ben Affleck has been part of one such movie (Sum of All Fears). But what if CIA themselves needed Hollywood for one of its operations!? That’s something completely unheard of! And this being a True Story is pretty astonishing!

Argo is basically a movie about a fake movie which CIA had commissioned to rescue 6 embassy staff members from Iran who have been held hostage there. It’s a rip-roaring story that, for most of its running time.

As the kind of rescue that could only be made in Hollywood, it’s certainly fitting that “Argo” is the kind of story that could only be told by Hollywood. Fortunately, Ben Affleck is a hell of a storyteller; from the opening frame utilizing the classic, era-appropriate WB logo, Affleck allows his narrative to unfold onscreen with a maturity and restraint unexpected from someone directing his third feature.

Unlike many directors of his generation, Affleck is unafraid to let his audience think, and though the film does employ tried-and-tested methods to keep the audience on tenterhooks, “Argo” never panders. This, in fact, may be the director’s best trick: Taking a complex script filled with complex situations and complex dialogue and presenting it in a way that is exciting and technically proficient without having it appear dumbed down, rushed or showy.

Plus the attention to details is something we never ever would see in Bollywood. It gets even more apparent and appealing when the end credits scroll. The casting is absolutely spot on, the depiction of real life incidences eerily real!

The dialogues are the best part. For a drama, to hold its own, the dialogues need to be crisp, hard hitting and with so much of information and strategies floating around they need to decipherable by normal audience. And they do perfectly well. Two dialogues that linger on even after movie are, “If I’m going to make a fake movie, I’m going to make a fake hit” and “ARGO F*** yourself”. The latter being used in a number of brilliant scenes.

The movie has some heart thumping scenes. Especially telling is the scene in which Lester Siegel draws a parallel between the harrowing images of the Iranian revolution on the evening news and the product of his own industry, a carefully stage-managed spectacle designed to get the attention of the world (Affleck brings home the point by recreating a chilling mock execution inside the American embassy).

The cast is just brilliant! I have Nothing more to say about them.

In the end its Ben Affleck’s movie all the way! He grabs hold of it and never ever lets it go! His evolution from being an award – wining screenwriter to a mediocre lead to directorial powerhouse has been remarkable and inspiring.

Argo is a triumph and a movie that should definitely not be missed! A definite shoo in for an Oscar!


Direction  :  5

Story  :  5

Music  :  4

Acting  :  5

Cinematography  :  4

Total  :  4.6

IMDB Link  :

Trailer  :

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