Gangs of Wasseypur 2 : As Boring as it Gets!

For starters, Gangs of Wasseypur 2 reminds me of the Kill Bill series. Part one was beautiful, colorful, electric and smart. Part two was a complete opposite. Boring, tiring and irritating to say the least. After the explosive Gangs of Wasseypur 1, this movie is waaaayyyyy tooo booring! I wished I had a remote control to fast forward some of the scenes.

Not that the movie is altogether bad. It has its moments, and brilliant ones at that, but the movie just tires you down and by the end of it you care a damn as to what happens to the characters!

Taking off from Sardar Khan’s (Manoj Bajpai) death, Part 2 starts with the chillum-puffing underdog of a son Faizal Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) stepping up to avenge the death of his forefathers. He is the oddball, a skinny stoner, who hesitatingly rises up to accept his fate. He is assisted by his brothers — the blade-chewing Perpendicular (Aditya Kumar) and the Salman  Khan ‘Tere Naam’ spoof Definite (Zeishan Qadri) — along with Tangent (Sankalp), each with a notoriety that outwits the other.

A word of advice for first timers to the series, do watch the first part before even thinking about watching the movie. You wouldn’t understand head or tail of the on goings if you haven’t. The action keeps moving forward; however the story is not nearly as absorbing and the character development relatively shallow. The only relationship that touches you somewhere is that of Faizal and his wife Mohsina (Huma Qureshi) who bond over Ray Bans, Hindi films and cheesy love songs.

Double crossing, inexplicable anger, indiscriminate killings, lawlessness and a general arrogance in the characters is carried forward interspersed with black humor and clever one-liners. And it’s tied together with gun shots, bomb blasts, cold blooded killing and an optimism that belies the reality of a doomed situation. That’s the only way anybody could summarize the story line of Gangs of Wasseypur 2.

The revenge saga passes on from father to son and from one brother to the other and by the end of movie one would realize that it would go on for generations to come. The story and screen play could have been made much more engaging had there been a decent editor on the job. I agree that it’s an art house flick, but the amount of time Kashyap takes on character developments and detailing each and every rustic setting of India is ridiculously long! Add to that the fact that there’s nothing innovative in the plot, the audience already knows what the end would be, even before purchasing the movie ticket. The length could easily have been trimmed down by an hour.

Many new characters join the cast of the previous part completing Kashyaps chessboard. And he plays with them well. Each and every character has a role to play in taking forward the story line. Each action has a reaction and every blood shed has its set of consequences. The effect is both under-whelming and over-whelming. Under whelming because it’s just not engaging enough. Over whelming because there are too many side plots, sub plots, counter plots to tackle with for the audience.

Technically the movie is outstanding! The cinematography is raw and brash. The scene where the Faizal Khans house is attacked is astonishing! It’s a 5 minute single take action sequence with the camera panning across the house with bullets buzzing past the protagonist. It’s engaging and effective. Its scenes like these that make the movie worth a watch. Sadly though there are only a few and are scarce.

The sound and set design is spot on, capturing the views and sounds of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. This level of detailing is rarely found in Indian cinema.

As it was in the first part, the soundtrack is brilliant. What works is the contemporary take on the folk songs. Plus it’s pleasant to see the songs being used during the action sequences. They blend well with the sequences.

The acting is fabulous. The Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a revelation. So is Huma Quershi. Their chemistry is sparkling and fun to watch. The newcomers are apt for their respective roles. But somewhere you do tend to miss Manoj Bajpayee.

Again it’s Aurag Kashyap who gets the brownie points. He calls the shots and one should salute the effort and the innovative techniques put in to make the film. He should also be blamed for making the movie so goddam boring! In trying to make a very detailed and comprehensive revenge saga, he manages to not only enthrall the audiences with his quirky dialogues and raw action set pieces, but also nauseate the audience by taking an era to reach to the conclusion. Granted the climax is one the most violent killings shot on reel, but I just fail to understand why he took such a long time to get there!

It’s these flaws that make GOW 2 an average fair. If only the director had not gotten too ambitious. For an Anurag Kashyap fan it’s utterly disappointing. I only hope he doesn’t fall in the Ram Gopal Verma trap. Would be sad to see that happen.

Watch it only if you have seen the first and have the patience to endure scene after scene of countless killings and unnecessary plot lines and the stomach to digest the gore. It’s not an easy ride to watch this movie and definitely not worth the effort. But one can still watch it to applaud a director who tried to re-invent the genre.


Direction : 3.5

Story : 2

Screenplay : 2

Cinematography : 4

Music : 4

Action : 4

Total : 3

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3 thoughts on “Gangs of Wasseypur 2 : As Boring as it Gets!

  1. Dear DevM please dont compare Mr. Anurag Kashyap with Ram gopal verma re. Both have totally different style of film making and Mr. Kashyap is far better than Ramu. First half is too excellent. Second half too lengthy and yes bit boring. Yes u know the plot. But full credits to Mr. Kashyap for making too realistic movie and imagination of the characters. How can u forget Perpendicular and Definite

  2. Yes I agree first part is good but second part because of fantastic performance by Faisal and Definite. And few fantastic imagination of director. So if u have given 5 rating to GOW1 then 3.5 to definately banta hai boss for GOW2

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