Real Steel : A Robot with a Heart!

Well this review was along time in the writing. Had a long and hard exam session this time around leaving me absolutely no time to watch movies or write about them. Now that it’s over, the movie world seems so different! There are so many movies out there and so little time!!

So to restart the reviews,I present to you the review for Real Steel.

I actually saw this movie almost a month back, and was pleasantly surprised and majorly elated after watching it. It shamelessly gives you exactly what you expect, with all its clichés and hard hitting lines and the beaten to death underdog story! But what still makes it an awesome watch are the brilliantly choreographed fight sequences and father -son -robot chemistry which the film manages to build up. It gives you just the right amount of rush which you expect out of it.

Inspired by rather than strictly adapted from the Richard Matheson short story Steel , Real Steel is aheartfelt and often stirring father-son tale with a high-concept premise –robot boxing – that works far better and plays out less ludicrously than you might expect.

Set in the not too distant future, the film follows a hardscrabble hustler Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman),who was a boxer back in the days when real humans used to box and which was later banned in favor of giving audiences the sort of deathly carnage only robotic gladiators could provide. He manages “has-been” robot boxers on the county fair circuit while racking up debts from anyone and everyone around.

That’s when Charlie’s former sister-in-law (Hope Davis) and her wealthy husband drop off his long-abandoned son Max (Dakota Goyo)  to look after for the summer as part of a custody deal. Charlie and Max initially have no use or affection for each other, but eventually bond over their interest in robot boxing. Charlie and Max’s underdog journey towards reconciliation and redemption is symbolized by Atom, an old-generation robot whose remains they discover in a junkyard. Atom is the proverbial little guy who takes a beating and comes right back swinging.In him, Charlie finally has a shot at the comeback that he never quite got as a boxer.

Director Shawn Levy has finally ended his long and often traumatizing nights at the museum by delivering a movie unlike any of his prior flicks. This is an emotionally authentic film anchored by a father son combo that you genuinely care about and want to see reunited, and enlivened by some sweet robot-on-robot violence.

You wouldn’t expect to care much about either the people or the robots, but it all somehow works both emotionally and viscerally. Real Steel could have been the year’s cheesiest movie taking inspiration from our very own Bollywood rom coms but the end result is surprisingly heartfelt.

Jackman, Goyo and the Robot Atom completely invest you in the relationship between Charlie and Max. They have wonderful chemistry together, and the use humor to help make their characters endearing even when they’re not on their best behavior.

The rest of the cast is serviceable.

The robot fight scenes are Awesome! We finally have a giant robot movie where you can actually tell the robots apart when they’re fighting. Also, the filmmakers smartly limit what the robots can do. They don’t talk, they are operated via remote-control by human pilots and aren’t sentient. They are essentially giant toys, but like a kid with their toy you grow attached to them.

The best way to explain Real Steel is that its basically Rocky with Robots! As simple as that, take out Sylvester Stallone and replace it with a Robot. Take an unbeatable human opponent and replace it with an unbeatable and ruthless robot. It’s hardly path breaking cinema, far from it really but it somehow works and keeps you engrossed right till the very end.

There are no big surprises in this movie, other than the fact that it’s done with conviction, skill and special effects that are all the more spectacular for being presented in a matter-of-fact way.

This one’s for the Kid in Us….Enjoy!

Rating : 

Direction               :      3

Story                   :      2.5

Acting                  :      3.5

SFX                     :      4

Cinematography     :      3.5

IMDB Link  :

Trailer  :


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