Skyfall – Old Dog…New Tricks

Bond…James Bond…the ubiquitous catch phrase has resonated across generations…50 years to be precise. The books and movies revolutionized our views our perceptions our interpretation of style, class and action. The Gadgets, the girls, the cars, the bikes, the stunts are all cult-worthy. For that matter, even the name is Cult! The Bond filmography gave birth to legions of inspired … Continue reading

Argo : A Masterpiece!

Take a Bow and applaud the new Clint Eastwood in Town! Ben Affleck‘s Argo is a shining example of how drama can be as effective and hard hitting as any other actioner. Argo is a wonderfully well served by movie by Ben Affleck, who steps up into the major league after proving he has the … Continue reading

Looper : Goes Where No “LOOP” has gone Before!

First things First, Looper is one of the most intelligent movies I have seen all year. Had me thinking well after the end credits rolled. It’s smart, gripping and the best part is that it’s not overwhelming in its depiction of the future. Like many other makers, their visuals of the future are completely out … Continue reading

OMG Oh My God! : A Divine Satire!

Faith and religion are often subjects of countless discussions and celebrations in India. With close to 330 million Gods and close 1.5 Billion in population there’s at least 50 % chance of people discussing these subjects at any given time. But more often than not, these discussions are often underlined with a sense of blind … Continue reading

Barfi! – A Sweet Homage to Chaplin!

  Finally a movie that manages to get me out of my writers block! Barfi! is an endearing and charming film,  that establishes the fact that one does not need hard hitting dialogues, action and thumping soundtrack to make a good movie. All you need is a simple story and an able director to handle … Continue reading

Gangs of Wasseypur 2 : As Boring as it Gets!

For starters, Gangs of Wasseypur 2 reminds me of the Kill Bill series. Part one was beautiful, colorful, electric and smart. Part two was a complete opposite. Boring, tiring and irritating to say the least. After the explosive Gangs of Wasseypur 1, this movie is waaaayyyyy tooo booring! I wished I had a remote control to fast … Continue reading

Gangs of Wasseypur – A History of Vengeance!

A huge spoiler alert to all the Weak Hearts, women and all those masala loving Ready and Bodyguard loving folks out there!! Don’t even dream of watching Gangs of Wasseypur. It would just play and convolute your minds upside down and possibly give you a heart attack and cause nightmares! The movie is by far … Continue reading

Madagascar 3 : Brains Most Wanted!

Now, I know animated movies are meant to be cute and colorful, they are also meant to be light and breezy and they need to end with an all’s well that ends well motto. But animated movies are definitely not meant to be dumb, and consistently so in a one single movie! Movies like How … Continue reading